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advise me: enhancing storage

by Rob Friesel

…or, how I added storage to my iMac and successfully put off getting another computer for at least another year?

Malkovich1is running low on storage.  Today’s free space count is something like 26.09 GB.  Still reasonably respectable but considering total drive capacity started at 250 GB, we’re certainly feeling cramped.  Personally, I blame all the photos we keep dumping into Aperture.  Let the data speak for itself:


At this rate we’re likely to run out of space by say…  Xmas?  Or thereabouts.

Now, advise me (gentle readers) what do you think is the best way to expand storage without going all out and replacing the machine all together?  Current proposals:

  1. Pick up a NewerTech Voyager Q “docking station”2 and start loading up on internal SATA drives.
  2. Replace Malkovich’s internal 250 GB hard drive with a 1 TB drive and then restore from the most recent Time Machine back-up.
  3. Daisy chain another Firewire external hard drive or three off the current Time Machine drive.

Of course…  I’m open to suggestions.  What say you?

UPDATE: See also:  the thread on Facebook.

  1. Loyal readers will remember Malkovich from this post speculating on the poor iMac’s eventual demise. []
  2. I prefer the Voyager Q to the Thermaltake BlacX mainly on the basis of Firewire support. []

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