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quadrupling Malkovich

by Rob Friesel

Following up on the September post (“advise me: enhancing storage“)—we went ahead and put a shiny new 1 TB Western Digital hard drive 1 into Malkovich, effectively quadrupling the storage (re this particular problem) and paving the way for a lot more life out of this ol’ iMac. The idea for this particular upgrade owes some […]

advise me: enhancing storage

by Rob Friesel

…or, how I added storage to my iMac and successfully put off getting another computer for at least another year? Malkovich1is running low on storage.  Today’s free space count is something like 26.09 GB.  Still reasonably respectable but considering total drive capacity started at 250 GB, we’re certainly feeling cramped.  Personally, I blame all the […]

debugging Malkovich

by Rob Friesel

While I wouldn’t say that I spoke to soon (re: “Poor Malkovich“), perhaps the situation bears some additional prudence to fully explore the options for remedy and repair.  After all, it should not be necessary to replace that iMac G5.  So let’s put all the cards out there.  Firstly — what the hell is going […]