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+2,935 +3,756 = 15,665 16,486 of 50,000 (31.33% 32.97%)

A nice steady stream today.  Some of it ain’t bad either.  Also ran some spell-check action and fixed a few words that were incorrectly combined.  Might write more later this evening.  But even if I don’t:  huzzah!  Ahead of pace.  A little more ahead of pace.  And the second push was even better than the first.

I have a good feeling about what’s developing here.  Not that it’s even remotely publishable as is.  I can think of a lot of changes I’d make.  But I’m going to keep going “as is” for now–just plow through, see what this trajectory draws out.  That’s all a first draft really is.  Blood-letting.

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