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2011 goals: Q1 check-in

by Rob Friesel

Another year, another batch of goals. Let’s see where we’ve landed three months into the year…

  1. Exercise at least four days each week. Going pretty strong on this one. Most weeks I’m able to make it. Some morning runs on the treadmill (33.18 miles; 6.5 hours); some shoveling (15 hours and 45 minutes of shoveling); skiing, sledding, and a woefully inadequate number of rock climbing sessions (only 4).
  2. Finish the “Orin” WordPress theme. Orin was released to this blog on February 13. May its tenure be as long as Ortho’s.
  3. Get to know Groovy/Grails. Starting to get the hang of this one, I think. Though using it everyday… seems as though it is inevitable.
  4. Photography: a 365 project. I bagged this one at the beginning of February. It was just too much. Bit off more than I could chew. And really: the last thing the world needs is 365 shitty pictures just because I wanted to do one a day. If I’m going to “one-a-day” anything anyway, it really ought to be writing.
  5. Reading: ≥36 books. Finished March with 12; thus far:

    Not too bad.

  6. Writing: ≥ 2 hours per week. Well (as usual?)… “I’m trying.”

Until next quarter…

  1. Whose idea was it to let me read Cormac McCarthy in the winter, anyway? []

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