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Linkdump for April 5th

by Rob Friesel
  • at NCZOnline:

    We in the United States are pretty spoiled when it comes to web fonts since our alphabet has only 26 letters and a few punctuation marks. Adam pointed out that Asian character sets are much large, and so font files can be as large as 4-5 MB per file. So if you’re thinking about using non-standard fonts for Asian web sites, you may want to think again before imposing this on your users.

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  • at

    This triumph came early in his career. His later thinking (about solid-state physics, for example, or quantum cosmology) was just as original. Maybe sometimes too original, Krauss suggests. Science usually proceeds by building on what came before. The maverick in Feynman kept him from accepting even the most established ideas until he had torn them apart and reassembled the pieces. That led to a deeper understanding, but his time might have been better spent at the cutting edge.

    (tagged: physics Feynman )
  • at Call Me Fishmeal:

    How about Delicious Library? We didn’t invent the idea of media cataloging. But Mike Matas made it pretty and easy, and we own the market. I did invent the idea of scanning barcodes with a webcam, but that idea would have been nothing if I hadn't coded it. The coding took almost a year. The idea itself? I [thought] it up in the shower one day. Worthless.

  • by Ralph Nader (at Common Dreams)
    (tagged: politics )

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