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Linkdump for August 2nd

by Rob Friesel
  • Andrew Sullivan — Debt Ceiling Reading List #2:

    I have to say I'm not that unhappy with this result, as I explained last night. But that's because I want serious budget cuts and don't regard our current debt as benign. I guess that is what makes me not-a-liberal. But I also want shared sacrifice in the age of austerity and think major tax reform and means-testing of entitlements can get us much of the way there.

    (tagged: politics essay )
  • Josh Marshall writing at TPM — Debt Ceiling Reading List #1:

    A congressional Dem staffer told me his dad, an urban Catholic who voted for Nixon over Kennedy and has always voted Republican suddenly thinks the GOP is out to lunch and supports the President.

  • By Lauren Ober, writing for Seven Days — "One woman's quest to find the last phone booths in the Adirondack Park"
  • David Frum, writing at

    This exercise in finger-pointing satisfies the emotions of the Republican base. It does not accurately explain the causes of the crisis or offer plausible remedies.

  • A good write-up of Git branching strategies by Benjamin Sandofsky (although I don't totally agree with the point about "private" feature branches always being local). A good explanation of what's going on with Git branches, and how/when to use rebase to simplify things. Also, totally worth it for the phrase: "Declaring Branch Bankruptcy".

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