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Linkdump for January 8th

by Rob Friesel

ssh-agent on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) at Dave Dribin's Blog (tagged: mac osx ssh ) The Whisky Flavour Map "Strange Maps" at Big Think. I don't agree about that Highland Park 12-year, but otherwise this made me smile. (tagged: single malt scotch whiskey whisky ) Abandoned Bomb Shelter, 1960s At Retronaut. (tagged: history architecture […]

Linkdump for December 4th

by Rob Friesel

What is Compass Chris Eppstein lays out what Compass is, where it came from, and what it adds to Sass. (Hint: "Sass is the star.") (tagged: compass sass ) The Bomb Buried In Obamacare Explodes Today-Hallelujah! Rick Ungar, writing at Forbes. (tagged: healthcare obama politics ) the node.js aesthetic James Halliday at The Universe of […]

Linkdump for August 22nd

by Rob Friesel

HOWTO Use UTF-8 Throughout Your Web Stack at, via DF (tagged: webdev web programming UTF-8 ) Chrome and Safari extension to rehabilitate disruptive footnotes. at Ideon Open Ideas — a great idea but sadly doesn’t work on yet; it appears to be looking for footnotes with fn embedded in the href… so perhaps […]

Linkdump for August 2nd

by Rob Friesel

Obama’s Pyrrhic Defeat, Ctd Andrew Sullivan — Debt Ceiling Reading List #2: I have to say I'm not that unhappy with this result, as I explained last night. But that's because I want serious budget cuts and don't regard our current debt as benign. I guess that is what makes me not-a-liberal. But I also […]

Linkdump for June 9th

by Rob Friesel

Sass cheat sheet (tagged: PDF sass css webdev system:filetype:pdf system:media:document ) Delegation vs Inheritance in JavaScript by Angus Croll at JavaScript, JavaScript… (tagged: javascript interesting essay todo ) The Pros And Cons Of JavaScript Micro-Frameworks A good and even-handed overview of the subject and some of the practical considerations one must have when entertaining the […]

Linkdump for March 19th

by Rob Friesel

Ready for Contact at Smithsonian Magazine (via Boing Boing) — interesting article about first contact and the preparations for its eventuality (tagged: seti first_contact astronomy politics research essay todo ) Stranger than fiction: The search for habitable exomoons at BoingBoing (tagged: astronomy research ) How ‘OK’ took over the world at BBC News (via DF) (tagged: […]

Linkdump for February 1st

by Rob Friesel

Locale::Maketext::TPJ13 at — short version: "Thar be dragons here." (tagged: programming language linguistics interesting essay ) What the Heck is Shadow DOM? at Dimitri Glazkov (tagged: javascript css html5 webdev DOM ) Lest We Forget (Or How I Learned What’s So Bad About Browser Sniffing) on FarukAt.eÅŸ — hot on the heels of the […]

Linkdump for January 26th

by Rob Friesel

New Rules For Writers: Ignore Publicity, Shun Crowds, Refuse Recognition And More by Anis Shivani at HuffPo (tagged: writing philosophy fiction books publishing todo ) How to Publish Your Book on Amazon Kindle (tagged: publishing Amazon DIY ) Performance Research, Part 4: Maximizing Parallel Downloads in the Carpool Lane at Yahoo! User Interface Blog (YUIBlog) — […]

Linkdump for July 29th

by Rob Friesel

The complete guide to creating widgets in WordPress 2.8 (tagged: todo WordPress widgets PHP plugin ) FeedWordPress "simple and flexible Atom/RSS syndication for WordPress" (tagged: wordpress plugin Tumblr aggregator ) Starkers "The completely naked theme for WordPress" (tagged: wordpress ) Node and Scaling in the Small vs Scaling in the Large by Alex Payne (via […]