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Linkdump for January 26th

by Rob Friesel

New Rules For Writers: Ignore Publicity, Shun Crowds, Refuse Recognition And More by Anis Shivani at HuffPo (tagged: writing philosophy fiction books publishing todo ) How to Publish Your Book on Amazon Kindle (tagged: publishing Amazon DIY ) Performance Research, Part 4: Maximizing Parallel Downloads in the Carpool Lane at Yahoo! User Interface Blog (YUIBlog) — […]

links for 2006-11-01

by Rob Friesel

Abusing Amazon images A breakdown of the image URL scheme and explanations on how to “abuse” it… (tags: Amazon essay graphics hack howto tutorial) Amazon Image Hacks A JavaScript widget for generating the URLs. (tags: Amazon graphics hack javascript tools) Ruby on Rails (tags: Ruby Rails dev framework webdev) Pathway Mentals maps from […]