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Linkdump for October 12th

by Rob Friesel
  • Tim Bray on #OWS:

    Street protesters’ demands work best when they’re simple enough to fit in a short declarative sentence, for example “Mubarak must go”. In this case the appropriate courses of corrective action aren’t like that, involving things like a financial-transaction tax, separation-of-concerns regulation, and eliminating institutions which are “too big to fail”.

    Some similar thoughts have been tumbling around in my mind since this whole "Occupy Wall Street" thing started going on. I don't totally agree with his conclusion (i.e., that it's OK for them not to have a demand; a protest without a goal just seems like… whining?) but I do agree that it's a good start. But without an end-game… where does it go?

  • at Rands In Repose — first round comments are pointing out that it's almost impossible to score above 11 to get that perfect 12; but all of these are important questions to be asking regardless. Please read immediately.
  • I implemented the body copy for at 16px earlier this year (not that you can tell from the "description" text in any given "linkdump" post…) and never looked back.
  • Hua Hsu, writing at Grantland:

    This isn't a brick through the window of the nearest Starbucks or a limousine in flames; this is a meandering deliberation, an attempt at democracy in slow motion, a motley assortment of people who share a sense but little more. The mellow, holding-pattern pace of it all against the logic that time is money.

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