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Linkdump for October 12th

by Rob Friesel

Occupying Wall Street Tim Bray on #OWS: Street protesters’ demands work best when they’re simple enough to fit in a short declarative sentence, for example “Mubarak must go”. In this case the appropriate courses of corrective action aren’t like that, involving things like a financial-transaction tax, separation-of-concerns regulation, and eliminating institutions which are “too big […]

Radiohead lullabies?

by Rob Friesel

More than slightly b’gocked by the following: While exploring’s MP3 offerings today, I came across something rather unexpected.  When I found In Rainbows, the sidebar suggested that I might also enjoy this collection of lullaby renditions of familiar Radiohead songs. ??? A. & I checked out a few samples.  And I was surprised that […]