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Linkdump for February 9th

by Rob Friesel
  • Luke W.'s notes on Nicole Sullivan's "CSS Best Practices" talk at AEA Atlanta in February 2012. I saw a version of this talk given "at" (it was a virtual conference) E4H's "CSS Summit" in July 2011.
    (tagged: css )
  • Interesting little interview with L. Rafael Reif and Anant Agarwal in The Chronicle of Higher Education about MIT's new "MITx" program of online education, including a little bit about the controversy surrounding the certificates that will be issued.

    There is an implication there that there are canonically correct answers for all questions in certain disciplines (and "not at all" in others) that I completely disagree with… but otherwise it's an intriguing and progressive view of higher ed that is worth watching.

  • Nathan Marz (creator of Storm):

    When encountering a problem domain with which you're unfamiliar, it's a mistake to try to build a "general" or "extensible" solution right off the bat. You just don't understand the problem domain well enough to anticipate what your needs will be in the future. You'll make things generic that needn't be, adding complexity and wasting time.

    Simply marvelous. And you don't even have to go that deep to get to what I consider the best part.

  • at Burlington Free Press
    (tagged: friend Vermont )
  • The companion page to Marty Halpern's anthology (which I'm currently reading), over at his blog (More Red Ink). Looks like a collection of blog posts about the anthology itself.
    (tagged: reading )

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