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Linkdump for March 28th

by Rob Friesel
  • Jeff Atwood writing at Coding Horror:

    …who the heck is visiting page 964 of 3810?

    As you can imagine, the comment thread is exactly the kind of potpourri you'd expect from this topic.

  • At BBC News.
    (tagged: news astronomy )
  • At Geek Mountain State. Always down for a local UFO sighting.
    (tagged: Vermont UFO )
  • Kathryn Flagg at Seven Days writing about Wendell Potter:

    But slowly the industry changed. Companies began focusing on what they called “consumer-driven care” and shifting more and more customers to high-deductible plans. Potter calls these customers the “underinsured”: They’re technically covered, but their deductibles are so high — often thousands of dollars each year — that they can’t afford much care, or must go into debt to obtain it. Part of Potter’s job was making people think these plans were a good solution to the problems of providing health care in America, yet he grew increasingly doubtful.

  • At

    I have prepared a set of annotated exercises illustrating typical Clojure fp idioms. The exercises are the first 31 Project Euler problems, one for each day of the month. I believe these problems are ideal for the purpose at hand. Each problem is succinctly stated, interesting, and well defined. Each lends itself to a natural functional solution.

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