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Linkdump for July 15th

by Rob Friesel
  • Lincoln Loop's Graham King, and his brief introduction to SPDY.
    (tagged: HTTP SPDY )
  • By Ben Vinegat (@bentlegen). Seamless iframes, eh? Hmm… Hmm…
  • By Lili Loofbourow, at The New Inquiry. We took H. to see "Brave" and rather enjoyed it, and Loofbourow's take on it is right on.
  • Steven Padnick, writing at

    And the red matter in Star Trek (2009) is my favorite example of just cold not explaining anything. First off, it does not try to hide the fictional nature of the substance behind a scientific sounding name. It’s not a dilithium crystal. It’s fucking “red matter.” (Ironically, in giving it a dumb name, it sounds more like real scientific concepts like dark matter and the Big Bang.) Secondly, red matter is a big ball of red… let’s say paint? That makes black holes. That are also sometimes wormholes into an alternate timeline. Why? Because that’s what the writers needed it to do.

    (tagged: science fiction )
  • By @rmurphey, @nimbupani, and @paul_irish — it's an interesting read, and most of these are sensible proposals. And that being said, the comment thread is thought-provoking and top-notch.

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