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Linkdump for July 15th

by Rob Friesel

What is SPDY? Lincoln Loop's Graham King, and his brief introduction to SPDY. (tagged: HTTP SPDY ) Seamless iframes: The future, today! By Ben Vinegat (@bentlegen). Seamless iframes, eh? Hmm… Hmm… (tagged: seamless webdev iframe ) Just Another Princess Movie By Lili Loofbourow, at The New Inquiry. We took H. to see "Brave" and rather […]

Linkdump for September 13th

by Rob Friesel

Diamond planets, climate change and the scientific method Matthew Bailes: …I suspect we’d find a lot of commentators, many with no scientific qualifications, pouring scorn on our findings. People on the fringe of science would be quoted as opponents of our work, arguing that it was nothing more than a theory yet to be conclusively […]

Linkdump for April 13th

by Rob Friesel

Formations and transformations: Samuel Delany’s Dhalgren at (tagged: Dhalgren Delany essay todo ) Brown-Bag on Public Speaking: 25 Tips at Redfin Corporate Blog (tagged: presentations article essay publicspeaking education ) Crockford on JavaScript: A Public Lecture Series at Yahoo! (tagged: crockford video javascript webdev todo ) ECMA-262-3 in detail at Ajaxian — an interesting-looking […]