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Linkdump for October 12th

by Rob Friesel
  • A comprehensive Node.js tutorial by Manuel Kiessling.
    (tagged: JavaScript Node.js )
  • Conor Friefersdorf, writing for The Atlantic:

    Should Romney be elected he'll almost certainly work closely with despots in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, for example, and he'll fear certain possible democratic outcomes in Egypt and anywhere else where democratic elections might empower Islamist parties hostile to U.S. interests. If Romney wants to keep quiet about those realities that's fine, but his speech failed to signal that he even understands the most basic contours of the real-world challenges America faces.

    Romney's ideas about what will work domestically are bad enough, but he embarrasses himself when trying to speak about the world at large.

  • By Addy Osmani.
  • Brendan Eich's talk from Strange Loop 2012. Naturally, this is pretty good. (Even without him there to give you the accompanying talk.)
  • By Randall Degges. Nothing super-in-depth here, but a good introduction to the patterns and benefits of service-oriented architectures. That being said, I think Degges "pitch" for SOA comes at the expense of message queues (he makes it sound like you would never need nor want them).

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