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Linkdump for October 8th

by Rob Friesel
  • Looks very promising. MDN has been my go-to for answers like this for the past couple of years, but with all those organizations working together (Mozilla included) it could turn into the new canonical source.
  • Some of this seems useful. Some of it seems… patronizing? condescending?
    (tagged: programming )
  • Insanely fast, headless full-stack testing using Node.js.

    This one keeps shambling across my rader. It looks interesting, and worth checking out. Not sure yet how it measures up to Buster.js or else harnessing PhantomJS for tests.

  • Angus Croll:

    It's OK to break a Rule if…
    You understand why the rule exists and…
    You can mitigate (or safely ignore) the concerns of the rulemakers and…
    Breaking the rule would add value.

    2012 keynote.

  • Anthony Wing Kosner, writing for

    The point [made by Atwood and Monteiro] is that the world does not need more code for its own sake, but better and more universal thinking about code.

    Close, but not quite. What we need isn't a "more universal thinking about code" but more better thinking about problems. This is a challenge that's endemic even (especially?) among programmers/developers. So many people are so eager to attack something with a certain solution that they have not really looked at what the problem really is. (To say nothing of breaking it down into its component problems, if there is really a problem there at all.)

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