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Linkdump for October 18th

by Rob Friesel
  • Daniel Jalkut, at

    The culture of low-priced software is artificially pulling the prices of many apps downward, while in this case Twitter, with its API token-limitation policy, is artificially pulling the price upward.

    Pricing shit is complicated.

  • Garann Means:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned after thirty-three years of being alive, it’s that if you see middle-class white boys flocking in droves to a particular career path, it’s a pretty fucking easy job and you should try and get yourself one like that.

    Also: great comment thread.

  • @fogus:

    ReadEvalPrintλ is a site devoted to Lisp advocacy. Herein you will find curated information, links, tutorials, videos, images and other sundreys related to various Lisp implementations…

    (tagged: Clojure Lisp )
  • Lea Verou, with more clever work — this time with colors and contrast ratios.
  • (tagged: line-height CSS )

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