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Linkdump for February 9th

by Rob Friesel
  • Mat Honan at's Gadget Lab blog:

    And that’s the thing: Flickr feels like a permanent home.

    Pretty much how I've felt about it all along. (Via DF.)

    (tagged: Flickr )
  • Dr. Axel Rauschmayer with the CSS4 selector "highlights". Specifying the selector's subject looks pretty awesome (though I wonder how that will perform in early iterations?) and being able to style on UI states will also be quite nice. (Not sure I understand the :scope selector sugar yet though.)
    (tagged: CSS4 )
  • "Timeline is the new Network panel." Addy Osmani with an informative post on how to use the Timeline panel in Chrome's DevTools to inspect your pages to find strategies for dealing with repaints and improving your scrolling FPS.
  • John Resig posts an interesting tip on how to keep sensitive information in source control with encrypted files. (And/but: I'm a fan of the idea he leads off with, as well: don't keep them in source control to begin with.)
  • "A tooltip library in CSS." Pretty slick how he did this. Color me impressed (though a little bit of nose-crinkling about the choice of BEM).
    (tagged: tooltips CSS )

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