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Linkdump for July 12th

by Rob Friesel
  • Brendan Sterne:

    In general these rules are better than the alternative – no guideposts or structure. They help new managers and teams to function effectively. They push employees to do things in a good way. But greatness rarely happens by following rules, process and structure. That is why companies also want to find employees ready to take risks, make decisions, try new things, move fast and even break things.

    He cites a quote from Team Geek as support for this. I read Team Geek last year, and I recall this quote as well. It's good advice, but requires a lot of moral courage and self-confidence.

    (tagged: work )
  • If you need to learn JavaScript in a hurry… Dr. Axel Rauschmayer to the rescue.
    (tagged: JavaScript )
  • By Lea Verou. I don't agree with all of her points — I think "women-only" classes like the ones put on by Girl Develop It are an excellent way for women to get introduced to some technological skills in a relatively safe and judgment-free environment. Something like that? Totally appropriate. But as Verou says, you can't be insulated forever and at some point you need to come out and compete alongside everyone else — or you'll never really succeed. She labels it a long read, I didn't think it was too bad; thought-provoking and totally worth it.
  • Thank you, Jake Archibald:

    If you need to excuse yourself from progressive enhancement, you need a better excuse.

  • He bills it as "tricky". I would say that if you're writing CSS every day, you should be able to get most of these without any trouble. However, my hat will come off to you if you can get the :nth-child question without guessing or prototyping in the answer in jsbin.
    (tagged: CSS )

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