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Linkdump for August 10th

by Rob Friesel
  • Michael Mullany, Sencha CEO, writing for the company's dev blog:

    Every mobile browser has a feature area where it outperforms other browsers by a factor of 10–40x. The Surface outperforms the iPhone on SVG by 30x. The iPhone outperforms the Surface on DOM interaction by 10x. There is significant room to further improve purely from matching current best competitive performance.

    There are a bunch of interesting little tid-bits in there and I'm glad to see these kind of research results getting published.

    (An an aside: they need to do something about their graphs. It's nice that the surrounding text provides the context but the axes are unlabeled and there are no titles. Oh well.)

  • Stéphanie Walter writing for Smashing Mobile. This ran back at the end of May and I'm just now getting around to it. It's pretty long but still worth at least scanning. Even if you don't dive into all of the details, the headings are enough to give you some a list of not-necessarily-obvious thought-problems for your next project.
  • Holly Schinsky, writing at Flippin' Awesome with a good overview of the animation directive that is new in Angular 1.1.4 and revised in version 1.1.5. She covers animating with CSS3 transitions and introduces the naming conventions that the directive expects but doesn't get into more advanced JavaScript-based animations.
  • “I think when people say things like, the server is just going to be a dumb JSON pipe, and they imagine it's just going to be, like, connecting a database to the client, they're missing what these things tend to do.”

  • Rob Conery:

    …if it's not presentation-related, it doesn't belong here.

    He makes the point that services in Angular are not models, though they should provide the API that your controllers etc. use to deal with the model data. He also points out that you may be tempted to overload your models with a bunch of behaviors. And in a nutshell he says: "Don't. That's what filters are for."

  • Billed as "Frictionless Browser Package Management". My first thought is: "Meh — module loaders are a dime a dozen…" But the innovative bit here is that they're using SPDY push.
    (tagged: jspm SPDY JavaScript )

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