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Linkdump for July 15th

by Rob Friesel
  • Kevin Daum at

    Make a list of the activities that give you energy and strength. Make these a priority in your life.

  • Ben Nadel with a breakdown of a small but important change in how/when directive attributes are interpolated and placed on the scope. In a nutshell: before AngularJS 1.2, attributes were not placed on the scope until the post-linking phase for the interpolation — which is itself a directive, meaning that those attributes might not be available on the scope for the post-link functions of other directives on the same element. This now takes place in the pre-linking phase, meaning that those interpolated attributes are available to all post-link functions for all directives on a given element — which is what I think we all expected in the first place. That said: you'll still want to be watching those value changes with $observe.
  • Interesting. I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise that something like this was in the works somewhere. A closer look is definitely in order, but this (or something like it) will be huge to get JSON participating more fully as a truly RESTful payload.
  • At Smashing Magazine, Maksim Chemerisuk presents a way to manage i18n concerns in a front-end application. I'm not sure that I'd adopt a system like this, but it's certainly an interesting approach and worth looking at (even if only for comparison purposes).
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  • At the New Relic blog. Looks like a fantastic offering.

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