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Daily Archives: January 27, 2015

Elhage re: simple software engineering lab notebooks

by !undefined

Lab Notebooking for the Software Engineer:

Oldie but goodie by Nelson Elhage at the “Made of Bugs” blog. I mostly agree with most of these points, and consistently break the rule about only keeping a chronological journal, as opposed to trying to bucket them under application-specific or domain-specific journals. (That’s a flavor of Premature Optimization and don’t try to let anyone tell you otherwise. [And right here you can expect me to insert all of the exceptions to that rule that I’ve cooked up over the years.])

One thing that should go without saying, and is a bit of advice I’ve given over and over again that dovetails well with Elhage’s post here: feel free to slow down on your “lab notebook” at any time, but the moment that you feel yourself getting scattered, go right back to a disciplined notebook. Nothing makes you slow down and focus on The Right Things quite like keeping a record — no matter how informal that record it.

small, helpless and stunned

by not another Rob?

“The rabbits are small, helpless and stunned. One has floppy ears. As we spend an hour watching them hop and hide, I realize that I’ve never really looked at a rabbit before. They — or at least ours — aren’t quite as elegant as the ones in picture books. They are goofy, with little disapproving mouths. Their back legs look as if they are wearing pantaloons or old-fashioned britches. Although they make me laugh, before I go to bed I swear that I will make sure that they leave tomorrow.”

Ivy Pochoda, “What the Rabbits Taught Us” (in NYTimes Blogs)