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Daily Archives: June 20, 2015

on Allspaw’s “On Being A Senior Engineer”

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On Being A Senior Engineer:

Essential reading from (surprise!) John Allspaw. Not a new post by any means, but so relevant you’ll think it was published yesterday. It’s a great reminder that what puts the “senior” in “senior engineer” is not knowing 10 languages, or having done 10,000 deploys – it’s having maturity, and perspective, and caring and concern for the peers on your team. Or as Allspaw puts it:

Being able to write a Bloom Filter in Erlang, or write multi-threaded C in your sleep is insufficient. None of that matters if no one wants to work with you. Mature engineers know that no matter how complete, elegant, or superior their designs are, it won’t matter if no one wants to work alongside them because they are assholes.

Seriously. File this one for later and come back to it once a year.