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blending at the tap

by Rob Friesel

Put the drinks from the last two posts’ worth of fermentations together and you get this:

Sunny Night + Green Mountain Grisette

While I wouldn’t say that I’ve avoided blending all together, previous attempts were more “small batch and ad hoc”. As you can see, this was at least a full glass worth, and with intent.

I haven’t read much about blending and, come to think of it, I don’t know that I’ve had many blended beers. Outside of the Category 23 study session, I couldn’t tell you what blended beers I have had.

I liked my results here (more on that in a second), but it does raise some questions for me about how blending is “traditionally” done. At what stage in the process? To a specific flavor profile? Or to an inspired taste? I’m sure I could come up with many more questions. And maybe this is one of the next areas of study for me.

Overall Impressions

Aromas of bright citrus and a restrained tartness; a mild fresh-baked-bread character underlies that. Hazy and peach-flesh-pink in the glass. Tall white head with dense foam. Flavors follow aroma: ripe grapefruit, orange flesh, cranberry cum currant; background notes of black pepper and fresh bread. Soft, almost fluffy mouthfeel with spritzy carbonation.

Really enjoyed how this melomel combined with the grisette at a 1:1 proportion. I may try a couple other proportions to feel it out.

Let the blending experiments begin, I guess…

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