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on SoundCloud’s microservices story

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How we ended up with microservices.:

Fascinating story from Phil Calçado at SoundCloud about their shift from a monolithic Rails app toward microservices and a service-oriented architecture.

It’s refreshing to read someone else’s story, and to see how well it lines up with the one that I’ve been living professionally for the past couple of years. The best part? The sobering admission that no matter how disciplined you are about pulling things out of your monolith, that some things are just so stable and so… cheap (??), that you’re better off just leaving them in there.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the desire to keep decomposing, but only if it’s done thoughtfully. Because as a friend recently quipped:

If you have to deploy all your microservices together as a blob, they aren’t really microservices, are they? More like OOP in the large.

— Nick Husher (@TeslaNick)

September 30, 2015