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Daily Archives: September 15, 2003

AM Scramble (part 2)

by Rob Friesel

Santa Clara, California-based Intel has said the PC market is not yet ready for 64-bit computing and lacks applications that will run on the chips. Which strikes my as funny, b/c the article focuses solely on Intel and AMD chips, not bothing to mention that Apple’s new G5 is a 64-bith processor and that Adobe […]

AM Scramble (part 1)

by Rob Friesel

Because many astrologists consider Mercury to be the planet of communication, shipping, contracts and verbal agreements, they associate Mercury’s thrice-yearly retrograde — including the current period of Aug. 28 to Sept. 20 — with all manner of wacky happenings here on Earth, including a penchant in people for indecision. Hope this doesn’t have any ill-effects […]