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by Rob Friesel

Strangely low-tech yet strangely beautiful site on sushi.

Never dip sushi in soy sauce from the rice-side and suck up too much amount.  It will be too bitter to eat, or will damage the taste of sushi seriously.

veru much sushi

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3 Responses to sushi

Anonymous says:

Sigh… things just haven’t been the same for Sarah and I since we stopped eating fish. Again… sigh.

Anonymous says:

Jokes about the fish not being technically “alive” because they “live” underwater aside, there is a basic inconsistency concerning vegetarians who eat fish. I mean… on some level. From my perspective. Qualify, qualify.

I miss sushi. Avacodo rolls and those bean curd and rice pcokets are great, but hardly the same as some nice unagi.

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