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Daily Archives: December 13, 2004


by Rob Friesel

Exhaustion seems to be the name of the game the whole way ’round. A & I took the weekend to refurb the walls in our bedroom to the best of our ability and finally get around to painting it. I managed to get monster blisters on three fingers on my right hand due to the […]

Top 10 (x2)

by Rob Friesel

In response to Sampo: Detonator-3 says: Phreq Atak (Jondi & Spesh remix) – The Activity Platform One – Gradient Pushin Too Hard – Saints & Sinners Freestyle – Tikataka Phreq Atak – The Activity So Strong (SK remix) – Ben Shaw So Strong (SM remix) – Ben Shaw Incantation – Delerium Hey Softy – Go! […]