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Daily Archives: January 10, 2005

more headless speculation.

by Rob Friesel

Seen Cringely’s article/prediction now basically blogged to death all over the damn place. To throw my own two bits in: He makes a good point in that prediction. By market share w/ an “under-priced” (read: no profit) version of the iMac. It makes a lot of sense: …where I calculate they’d be losing $100 per […]

Monday Top 10.

by Rob Friesel

Top 10 – The Sampo Method – (33:41)Monday, January 10, 2005 3:42:02 PM 5-4 (Five Four) – Gorillaz The New Year – Death Cab for Cutie Lightness – Death Cab for Cutie A Lack of Color – Death Cab for Cutie Sound Check (Gravity) – Gorillaz Dig For Fire – Pixies Blown Away – Pixies […]