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Daily Archives: March 14, 2005

monday night collapse

by Rob Friesel

/sigh Fighting w/ CSS. This wiki thing is working out great (certain … uh … politics aside) except for how it seems to only play nice in Firefox. Haven’t checked Mozilla but I’m sure it’s fine in there. The IE and Safari caveats are driving me fucking bananas though. Wrestling w/ stylesheets written by other […]

Monday Top 10

by Rob Friesel

Bloodhound Gang “Why’s Everybody Always Pickin’ On Me?” Bloodhound Gang “Lift Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)” Bloodhound Gang “Fire Water Burn” Bloodhound Gang “Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny” Bloodhound Gang “Asleep At The Wheel” Gorillaz “Sound Check (Gravity)” Gorillaz “19-2000” Tricky “Ponderosa” Tricky “Hell Is Round The Corner” Tricky “Aftermath” […]