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by Rob Friesel

Not to shatter anyone’s hope of having a good weekend but…: this is clearly the most distubring thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen Happiness. And as if it wasn’t bad enough… What’s up w/ “Also available in ‘Brown’ model”? And why is the ‘Brown’ model wearing a black beret reminiscent of the Black Panthers?

Please excuse me while I deploy scouring pads to my various cerebral gyri.

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3 Responses to disturbing

julia says:

That is a bizarre website. Did you see that you can get a dark green thong that says “Annul Sex” right about the crotch? And a Jesus ashtray in which he’s sadly looking up at you while you smoke… and anti-masturbatory gum! The explanation says “Don’t be a jerk; buy a pack for your circle of friends.”

Something tells me this store might be a little tongue in cheek.

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