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rainy day

by Rob Friesel

The rain kept me on indoor chores today. Which sucked b/c there were only really a handful to do. I’d hit up the video store during some quickie a.m. errands in an attempt to rent a time killing flick or two. Alas– I came up empty handed. Notthing I went for was there and my disappointment shattered my interested in renting anything else. /sigh

And now for this week’s selections…

The “Bitch, I’m Broke” Method
(Date Added is in the last 6 months, limit to 10 songs selected by most often played.)

  1. Jamiroquai “Canned Heat”
  2. Lush “Thoughtforms”
  3. Death Cab For Cutie “We Laugh Indoors”
  4. Lexicon Avenue “Midnight on West 27th Street” (vocal mix)
  5. Bill Hamel “Siren Song”
  6. Pixies “Hangwire”
  7. Sander Kleinenberg “Frog Dancing (Way Down In My Soul)”
  8. Jose Padilla “Who Do You Love?” (Chicane edit)
  9. Lush “De-Luxe”
  10. Sander Kleinenberg “My Lexicon”

currently playing: My Bloody Valentine “Blown A Wish”

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