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Daily Archives: July 19, 2005

Dvorak on Creative Commons

by Rob Friesel

Via Slashdot: Dvorak trashes Creative Commons… There are several things that bother me about this initiative. First, Creative Commons is similar to a license. You sign up with the group and post a message saying that your material is protected or covered by Creative Commons. This means that others have certain rights to reuse the […]

dizzy (take 6! 5! 4…!)

by Rob Friesel

Dr’s visit was largely inconclusive. Fluid in the ears? Probably. Probably not an infection. Which was nice but it still would have been nice to know a little more conclusively what’s making my skull feel like a 24/7 toboggan ride from hell. Granted, towards the end of the day yesterday I was thinking for the […]

dream.20050719: son of led

by Rob Friesel

Concert time! Cloned sons of Robert Plant and David Bowie give a concert of Led Zepplin covers. We’re supposed to think it’s Zepplin. For some reason it’s held at some state park with shit loads of waterfalls. And because I snuck in, I’m forever being chased by security. Lots of high-wire stunts. Lots of tight-rope […]