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Daily Archives: September 18, 2005

KetelOne’s Revenge

by Rob Friesel

Return from vacation to find that Malkovich decides to tank again. So soon. AppleCare’s diagnosis? BAD HARD DRIVE. So, like last time…: Had Malkovich shut down for the days we were on vacation. Get home, fire it up. Log in. Let everything come up. Plug in the camera to start downloading the pics from our […]

dream.20050916(b): road blockage

by Rob Friesel

Fast moving cars. A rally race up a mountain road. Childish tension and cliched suspense. Everything is vaguely cartoonish and very G.I. Joe. The mountain looks like every comic book rendition of the Matterhorn. Of course, I’m behind the wheel of my ’96 Plymouth Neon and (of all things) I’m out-performing my league ranking and […]

dream.20050916(a): no pets

by Rob Friesel

We’re in a town to meet up with Adam and Sue. (The details of this trip are not apparent and probably no relevant.) The town is reminiscent of the ones that run up and down the highways of central Pennsylvania – – the towns for which terms like “rest stop” and “gas station” and “diner” […]