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Daily Archives: January 30, 2006

Exxon-Mobil with record profits?

by Rob Friesel

[tag]Exxon-Mobil[/tag] reports 2005Q4 as being one of record profits. $10.7 billion in profits. Revenue rose 20 percent to $99.7 billion as rising demand and hurricanes lifted prices for oil, natural gas and gasoline. Full-year revenue was $371 billion, pushing Exxon Mobil past Wal-Mart Stores Inc. as the largest U.S. company by sales. The average U.S. […]

dream.20060130: apocalyptic preparation

by Rob Friesel

Suburbia.  An impending apocalypse.  Stockpiling food.  Organizing.  Family members missing.  A wife that is unfamiliar and isn’t fit to be called partner.  Adopted daughters.  A missing son.  The house is too big an unfamiliar.  Cardboard boxes won’t do it.  There’s looting.  Protect yourself from the looting.  Ride that out and you’re still not safe.  But […]