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late night unwind rewind

by Rob Friesel

Back from Philly Monday night… NCAA Lacrosse action did not disappoint. Cortland vs. Salisbury for the D3 final turned out to be the highlight game of the weekend, I think – – but it was also fuckin’ sweet to watch UVA chastise UMass for their Saturday-borne arrogance. See also:

UMass vs. UVA: first goal!

That said, it was good to get home and try to resume the house hunt. (Not that that’s going anywhere.) Found a neat toy online though, displays websites as graphs:


Agenda for the next 48-72 hours: home inspection, continue the house hunt, (finally) launch a major project at work, print out draft two for a read-through (looking good), plan a hike for this weekend. Not necessarily in that order.

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