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Daily Archives: December 18, 2006

links for 2006-12-19

by Rob Friesel

Making PNG image transparency work in Internet Explorer via 24th Floor (via command_tab): A good (and succinct) redux on how to get PNG’s alpha working properly in Internet Explorer. (tags: IE hack CSS png graphics tutorial) Audacity Free Audio Editor and Recorder (tags: opensource Mac OSX audio software music todo Audacity) Defining the Centipede Bruce […]

dream.20061218: graphing

by Rob Friesel

We’re at each others’ throats, people from work and myself.  These should be simple enough visualizations of easy-to-graph data but they still keep missing these subtle but critical aspects of each.  “My mother could graph better than this,” but that sounds like an insult to too many parties to be fair in any respect.  They’ve […]