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Saturday night brain dump

by Rob Friesel

Kicking back a little bit this weekend… It’s been f*ing freezing this week; most days in the single digits1 and windy and snowy and just the very mental image of winter. But I suppose it’s been “finally winter” here for a couple weeks now. Things have been a little crazy all around; a lot going on both at work and at home. Been mixing again quite a bit (actually) and bought some new records for the first time in … probably close to five years2. Hopefully that will bear fruit3

Still managing to fit some writing in here and there as well. I’ve got about 55 pages worth of notes, brainstorming, and outlining for my novel that go back to about October. I’ve weighed some feedback that I’ve gotten from a few friends4 as well as my own feelings on the werk and concluded that a major re-write is definitely in order. John put my mind more-or-less at ease by saying that there’s no author under 30 worth the ink his words are printed with — so I suppose I’ve got some time still to get my own kinks worked out in that department. Granted, I do have that new draft down as a goal for 2007, so I suppose if I manage to pull that off I’ll still have some time left over to refine it. If last year is any indication: I can pull this off.

Anyhoo… A. & I took the night off to witness a cinematic abortion called Tweek City. We recommend that you avoid it at all costs. As for the rest of the weekend… Well, A. has some work tomorrow but we’ve got a date with two gallons of semi-gloss “Woven Flax” for the living room.

  1. Thursday it didn’t get much (at all?) above 1º at all… []
  2. October or November of 2002 was the last major vinyl purchase if I recall correctly… []
  3. YouSendIt link good for 7 days or 100 downloads (whichever comes first). []
  4. The completeness of their reads notwithstanding. []

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