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Saturday evening brain dump

by Rob Friesel

The Hibernation Session (CD label)A. and I went out last night and did it up proper. Dinner out with some friends and then bounced over to the Half. Craig Mitchell was indeed playing there last night (and a right energetic set, at that) and thus did we get down. Dropped him a couple mixes, too. Hope he enjoys them. And then on our walk home:

Pseudo-skating #454

Pretend ice-skating on some frozen over patch in Battery Park. Too much fun.

Took it easy today. Taped up the hallway in prep for possibly painting tomorrow. A. had her first day off in … well, since New Years and she treated herself to a massage. I wrapped up the Rails tutorial that I started earlier in the week and determined that I have a ways to go. I think I have a project or two in mind for where to go from here to build out that skillset. But the tutorial wasn’t really written in a way that I’m taking much away from. Models? Controllers? Views? At any rate, it was good to get some exposure and dip my fingers in some code again.

Now, what to do with the rest of the weekend?

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