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Daily Archives: June 12, 2007

haiku movie review: Jaws

by Rob Friesel

Shark attack! Panic! We depend on summer beach tourism, jack ass. I think I was probably nine years old the last time I saw Jaws. Certainly, I was far too young to appreciate the fascinating sub-text of “hard science” (Richard Dreyfuss’ Dr. Matt Hooper) versus “conventional wisdom” (Robert Shaw’s Quint). The struggle is an intense […]

dream.20070612: seminars

by Rob Friesel

P.W. & I are on our way to a lecture about architecture “between the wars”.  This whole “between the wars” thing is mostly P.’s deal but we’ve heard the lecturer before and he’s an animated character that tends to be pretty funny.  As we get further down the block and then into the lecture hall […]