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Daily Archives: April 15, 2008

links for 2008-04-16

by Rob Friesel

Citrus Soldier – A king fit for a food. Showed up in my Flickr referrers. While I’m not so keen on “mine”, many of the others are quite awesome. (tags: comic absurdist surreal flickr) How-to Book Sold via Ecstatic Days :: I want this book. (tags: wishlist writing todo)

dream.20080415: pirate lair

by Rob Friesel

The pirate gangs have a docking system that floats out in the middle of the ocean. ┬áThe docks themselves are lashed together with rope and various iron brackets; there are warehouses (some of them standing up, some of them sinking down into the water) that hold food and cannon shot, where they unload plunder or […]