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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Quicksilver and Quick Look

by Rob Friesel

My otherwise limitless love for Quicksilver has recently been tempered by a burgeoning love for the addition of Quick Look to Mac OS X in the 10.5 version.  Pre-Quick Look, Quicksilver was hands-down the fastest way to access and open files.  âŒ˜+Space âžŸ type a few characters âžŸ and you were on your way.  In some instances you still […]

links for 2008-07-31

by Rob Friesel

Chocolate Covered Bacon Cake via Al Dente :: Our Lady of the Blessed Coronary has graced us, indeed. (tags: bacon food blog) 10.5: Use Quick Look in Quicksilver nice try but a flawed implementation? (tags: OSX Quicksilver QuickLook todo) Wordie via lepht :: “Like Flickr but without the photos” (tags: blog language linguistics weird writing […]

links for 2008-07-29

by Rob Friesel via Information Aesthetics :: “Baby Name Trends” (for A.) (tags: baby graph visualization fun) price of vampire power – data visualization & visual design at information aesthetics (tags: energy green money visualization video todo) PLOTS WITH GUNS via JM: “a noir site, for your reading/tonal reference needs” (NOIR/TRANGRESSIVE/NONSENSE) (tags: magazine literature fiction research noir […]

2008 Garden Update

by Rob Friesel

Haven’t had much to say about our garden so far this year because…  Well, because The Boy’s arrival has pulled us every which way. In many ways, it feels as if we are slacking on the garden.  But perhaps that is only slacking when we compare it to last year. Thus far, the growing season […]

links for 2008-07-22

by Rob Friesel Science fiction and fantasy / Weblog, short fiction, art, and discussion (tags: art blog fantasy literature scifi publishing writing todo) All Wet? Astronomers Claim Discovery of Earth-like Planet via Scientific American (via /.) (tags: news science space astronomy research) Graphic Of The Day: Top-Ten Per Capita (Greenest) US States For Carbon Emissions via TreeHugger […]