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Linkdump for January 9th

by Rob Friesel
  • W? T? F?
  • There are a few apps on here that I use, a few of heard of, and a few I'm now interested in checking out. That said: (1) I'm disappointed not to see QuıcĸsıɩⅴεÊ€ on here and (2) seems on the surface like there are a couple apps that do basically the same thing (why bother doubling up?)
    (tagged: Mac OSX software todo )
  • via Warren Ellis: Umm… HOLY SHIT?
  • at 37signals (via DF):

    A domain language is the set of words that reflect the way you cut up a domain. It consists of the pieces you sliced and the names you chose to give them. This language defines an application and makes it special. And for the last couple years Apple has been innovating iPhoto’s domain language very intentionally. ¶ Before iLife ‘08, iPhoto’s domain language was the same as any other photo app. You had Photos and you had Albums. Then in iLife ‘08 something changed. Suddenly you also had Events in the mix. […] ¶ Now iPhoto ‘09 has kicked their language up a notch further. In addition to Events there are also Faces and Places. Apple has made a few new slices into the photo organization cake, and they’ve opened up a new field of possibilities for people to find and enjoy their photos.

    In other words: UI is more than just where you put your buttons. Naming things shapes the way we think and interact with an entity. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

  • via Boing Boing: Yep. That about sums up Montgomery County for you right there…
    (tagged: Maryland surreal )
  1. Updated. Struckout because it now 404s.[]

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