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Linkdump for April 15th

by Rob Friesel
  • at Al Dente: oh man, these look dangerously good…
    (tagged: Nutella food todo )
  • at Omnivoracious
  • at DF:

    Gall’s law raises hard questions. Where do you start? How small? How simple? Where do you draw the line between simple enough to make it work and complex enough to be interesting?

    (tagged: design ui usability )
  • At TPM, via DF — same pull-quote as DF:

    Finally, only a few months ago, I purged a decent chunk of my collection. And most are now in storage. But in our living room we have two big inset shelves where I keep all the books I feel like I need or want ready at hand. And last night, sitting in front of them, I had this dark epiphany. How much longer are these things going to be around? Not my books, though maybe them too. But just books. Physical, paper books. The few hundred or so I was looking at suddenly seemed like they were taking up an awful lot of space, like the whole business could dealt with a lot more cleanly and efficiently, if at some moral loss.

    And that is where this breaks down for me. Discarding hundreds of jewel-cases as CDs were ripped down to MP3 and AAC etc.? Felt fine and simplified things. But I cannot imagine discarding books. Maybe it's a fetish? The same way I've hung onto my vinyl? Time will tell. But the books stay.

  • JavaScript Documentation Tool
  • at TechRadar UK: always worth perusing a list of tips such as this

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