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Linkdump for February 16th

by Rob Friesel

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2 Responses to Linkdump for February 16th

Andrew says:

I donno, the actual feel of a book is good for me, but I don’t necessarily see that as a good argument against e-books. I tend to go more towards: books don’t require outlets or a power supply, and they don’t have to be turned off on an airplane for parts of the flight. The touchy-feely elements that a lot of people propose just don’t have the practical application and reasoning that other arguments have.

found_drama says:

Most of the “pro” arguments for e-books that I tend to agree with mostly center around the following:

Because printing and distribution costs are effectively zero, we can bring to market more material that might not otherwise be viable (e.g., a 110 page novella or a 70 page essay)!

And though I love the idea of making more material of that kind available, I think too many other market forces are already working against that. See also: the price wars already taking place between publishers and e-book distributors. See also: the rampant articles and citations that reading rates are continuing to decline.

Don’t get me wrong, e-books aren’t going away. But I don’t think that they will overtake “real” books as the primary medium for literature. The percentage of people that read for pleasure will continue to decline; and for those that continue to read for pleasure… well, the book as we know it will become something of a fetishistic object.

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