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Linkdump for May 22nd

by Rob Friesel
  • Wonderfully thoughtful and balanced bullet-point style post by Alex Miller at Pure Danger Tech on their experience at Revelytix with "Clojure in the real world".
    (tagged: Clojure Alex Miller )
  • Colin Steele:

    Your code will end up reflecting the culture of your company.

    (Paraphrasing something he otherwise attributes to Andrew Diamond.)

    I struggled with whether to post this. It came onto my radar because of their use of Clojure, but it doesn't resonate with me as a technology post; it resonates more as a… business/start-up post. (Which I suppose makes sense, as it was written by a CTO at a start-up.)

    So why struggle with it? I think I bristle at the notion of "not firing fast enough" as something Wrong. The post doesn't really talk about the original crew of developers, so who knows — maybe dumping them was the way to go; but folks that 'read xkcd [and] play Mario Kart obsessively' doesn't make them 'bad ass muthfuckas' necessarily either. Not that it doesn't sound like an awesome engineering crew either1 but…

    Despite my mixed feelings, it was a worthwhile post. One worth checking out.

  • By Whitney Johnson, writing for Harvard Business Review. There's a ton of articles out there like this one, but this one's good because it's short.
    (tagged: Whitney Johnson UX UI )
  • Chris Coyier (writing at CSS-Tricks) with a detailed feature-for-feature comparison of LESS and Sass. (There's also a useful, albeit short comment about how Stylus stacks up.) Very handy for someone trying to decide which to use in their stack.
  • I can't tell how current this book (book proposal? book draft?) is, or if Nguyen is still working on it, but: [1] this might be my favorite programming book title ever, and [2] I really like his approach (check out the four sections in the table of contents).
    (tagged: Ruby Dan Nguyen )
  1. Jazz musicians and lit majors as programmers? Sounds like my kind of people. []

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