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Linkdump for June 15th

by Rob Friesel
  • Leon Gersing:

    CoffeeScript sees the world through OO’s eyes. When I see JavaScript, I find beauty in it’s ability to be a dynamically typed Functional programming language. (that’s your TL;DR;, friends.)

    The post is a few months old now, but I feel like it's still relevant and captures a lot of my own feelings (though Gersing is much closer to CoffeeScript than I am or probably ever will be). It's a little rambly in the middle, but stick with it; the end is great.

  • At Ars Technica.
    (tagged: CSS GPU )
  • Karl Seguin with what is effectively a supportive response or follow-up piece to Twitter's announcement about moving back to server-side content rendering. It's a good piece, and thoughtful. Most of the comments are pretty good, too. As I've said before: you need to look at what you're trying to accomplish and decide whether client- or server-side rendering is the best solution, neither approach is a silver bullet.
  • By Kingsley Davies at Scalabound. An interesting read on Scala's typing philosophies and mechanisms, though I'll admit that I only made it about halfway through it in "thorough mode" before skimming the remainder. I imagine I'll be circling back though, and am flagging this for later perusal when I am in a position to take a deeper dive into Scala.
    (tagged: todo essay Scala )
  • Ryan Niemeyer at Knock Me Out. A useful post to read for your own "Day One" with KnockoutJS.

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