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Linkdump for June 18th

by Rob Friesel
  • At Ryan Florence Online. He's asserting that client-side templates are always faster. This was not what I saw. I saw client-side as faster on my phone, but server-side as faster on my laptop.
    (tagged: performance )
  • Jonathan Rauch, writing for The Atlantic:

    Our motto: "I'm okay, you're okay—in small doses."

  • Stephen Marche, writing at

    Try convincing any kid under the age of 12 that “The Empire Strikes Back” is a better movie than “The Phantom Menace,” or that “Finding Nemo” is better than “Cars 2.” You’ll be laughed at. Stereotypes are part of what children want from stories, which of course connects to what we all want from stories: simplification. We want all stepmothers to be evil. We want all huntsmen to be heroes. And apparently, for the most part, we want characters’ ethnicities to be equally simplistic, whether the movie is set in a monster world or an ice age or Madagascar. Who knows what the consequences are or whether there are any?

    (tagged: essay racism )
  • At Nettuts+; updated.
    (tagged: SublimeText )
  • Bradley Voyek, writing on his blog Oscillatory Thoughts:

    So why is the neuroscientific community at fault for Mr. Lehrer's occasionally inaccurate scientific reporting?

    Because our own house is in such disarray. Of course there are the well known issues in cognitive neuroscience, such as Vul's "voodoo correlations", "double-dipping" statistics in neuroimaging, and the dead salmon. Or our straight-up misunderstanding of basic statistics.

    He is writing this more/less in defense of Jonah Lehrer, who is being wrongfully touted as a neuroscientist in some outlets, and is catching a lot of heat for fetishizing the science and embellishing some claims. Voytek's thoughtful piece helps set a few things straight.

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