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Linkdump for August 24th

by Rob Friesel
  • "Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework"

    I'd heard of AngularJS before today but I hadn't actually checked out their site before. While we're on the subject of "minimum viable snippets"… wow: what a landing page.

  • @fogus:

    An important point about #3 is that under no circumstances should the Minimum Viable Snippet be a “Hello World” example. You can do better, but it might require some thought.

    The comment thread is interesting as well. The notion of an MVS is definitely a provocative and polarizing suggestion, and though I agree with Rich Hickey that minimal information begets minimal results, well… you need to start somewhere, both in researching a language, and in marketing the language you're working on. An MVS is not "everything you need to know" about a language (that's hopelessly naïve), but first impressions are important whether we like it or not. (First impressions are, arguably, a nominal solution to what Barry Schwartz calls "the paradox of choice".)

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  • Irene Ros wrote up this excellent guide to documenting your RESTful API. (Though the patterns here are useful for documenting an API of any kind, if you ask me.)
  • Chris Eppstein's big fat overview of what's new and/or improved in Sass 3.2. I know a lot of folks excited about the @content directive, but for me it's the %placeholder selectors. A big win all around.

    I'll say this though: you may want to audit what you've got first. (Those * html hack warnings you were getting before? Those are errors now.)

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  • Gorgeous interactive Drake Equation calculator by the BBC. Features a couple of presets, but feel free to twiddle the dials, as it were…

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