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Linkdump for October 24th

by Rob Friesel
  • Isaac Z. Schlueter:

    Every belief must pay rent, constantly, or be evicted.

    (tagged: beliefs )
  • Salt Lake Tribune:

    Where, we ask, is the pragmatic, inclusive Romney, the Massachusetts governor who left the state with a model health care plan in place, the Romney who led Utah to Olympic glory? That Romney skedaddled and is nowhere to be found.


    The president has earned a second term. Romney, in whatever guise, does not deserve a first.

    (tagged: politics election )
  • Good post by Arthur Kay (writing at the Sencha Blog) about using Jasmine and PhantomJS to unit test Sencha-based web apps. I would have left the brief discussion of linting out of the post (I think it distracts from the main point) but I think he otherwise hits most of the critical points on the subject.
  • Rodney Rehm, writing at Smashing Coding. A good (and long) piece on some things to consider when creating your APIs. The article is focused on JavaScript and (to a lesser extent) client-side/in-browser development, but a lot these lessons transfer to anyone that is writing libraries/frameworks for consumption by other developers.
  • Joan Walsh, writing at

    The fact is, we don’t know which Mitt Romney would take the oath of office, and that alone should consign him to an ugly defeat in two weeks.

    (tagged: politics )

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